Blog: Why?

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Why are you doing this? Why would you want to create more competition for yourself? Why would you give away the secret recipe? Oh my gosh, are you crazy? I have been asked all of these questions and more as I have been making my plan for this website. Almost everyone I have shared my plan with has asked one of these questions or something very much like them. Yes, I have even asked myself some of these questions a few times. My answers haven’t changed much so I felt it was time to share them with you and let you decide if I am in fact crazy or just too idealistic.


I believe competition is a good thing. It causes me to be more vigilant and to strive to provide a better service to my customers. It provides me with a benchmark, a standard, by which I can gauge my business, myself and my success.  Competition is the fertilizer that feeds a healthy thriving marketplace. It is through competition that innovation is fueled, that excitement and adventure can be found. Without competition, my business would no longer be enjoyable and ultimately my business would die. With these things in mind, I am not afraid of competition, I welcome it with open arms. If there is someone out there who can supply better products, better service, and better value for my customers than I need to find a different business. One of the goals of my business is to be better in at least one of these areas, preferably in all three. My competitors help motivate me to do better, to learn more, to innovate, to go the extra mile, and to get out of bed in the morning.

Without competition, my business becomes a monopoly and that is a boring game. Monopolized markets are stagnant and stifling. My customers would not appreciate me – They would hate me. When was the last time you said to yourself, man I really appreciate my electricity provider, they sure are great people? No! Unless you own them or work for them, you don’t like them. I do appreciate the electricity but I certainly don’t like paying the bill. How about them gasoline prices? Do you remember the days of cable TV? That was another monopolized market. No thank you! My customers appreciate me. Many of them have gone out of their way to show me their appreciation. It brightens my day when someone tells me what a great job I am doing, or when they let me know that they appreciate my service more than my competitors. You won’t find such compliments in a monopolized market.

The reality is that there is so much room online that very few of the people I help here on will become my competitors. The diversity of opportunity that the internet has created means that there is plenty of room to build your own business without needing to fear competitors, giant corporations, or monopolies. I could help thousands of people succeed in creating their own online business and not find a single direct competitor. An online business can grow in so many different directions that it is unlikely to find very many growing exactly as mine is. And when I do find that direct competitor I welcome them to the marketplace because I know that competition will only make my business stronger and my marketplace more vibrant.


There is a certain fast food restaurant chain that spent years boasting about their secret sauce. It was in all of their commercials. Kids memorized the chant and tried to see who could say it the fastest with messing up. It was their claim to fame, for a while. I remember the first time I tasted that secret sauce as a kid. I was confused. I knew right away what that sauce was. I had eaten it on my salad many times, in fact, it was one of my favorites. I couldn’t understand what the secret was. Today, I still know what the secret is. I’m sure it is not the exact recipe, the changed a thing or two, but it is close enough that I can easily replicate that secret sauce and make my own delicious tasting hamburgers at home. More delicious, in fact, than the fast food chain themselves serves.

My secrets here are much the same way. Anyone can go out and spend the time and money trying all of these things and find what works for them and what doesn’t. All I am really doing is offering you the benefit of my experience with these products and services so that you don’t need to waste the time and money that I have. There is no secret sauce to creating and growing an online business. The only secrets are hard work and determination. Everything else is simply trial and error. Anyone can do what I have done, many have. The only difference is that I want to offer you a shortcut so that you can get your business built a little quicker with fewer painful speedbumps along the way. I’m not giving you anything that you couldn’t find on your own given some time, money and determination. I would rather you spend those resources on other things that I can’t help you with and you will succeed that much quicker.


As I have aged and matured I have found that one of the best ways to learn something is to try and teach it. Everything I have ever tried to teach to someone else I have learned more about myself. Sometimes that comes from the research done prior to the actual teaching. Other times it comes from the students perspective and the questions they ask. Saying the same things in different ways to try and help someone else understand it always helps me to understand both the topic and my own perspective better. I have learned this concept so well that I often times will go looking for a “student” before I even have a good grasp of the topic myself. This is part of my strategy here at I can offer you the knowledge and experience that I do have and in the process, I can learn more about my own business and about myself. This learning then gives me, even more, knowledge and experience to share. The process could go on indefinitely I suspect.
Knowing that I will ultimately be sharing my experience with you causes me to look at each product and service in a little different way. I have to assess whether this product works for me but would it also work for others. What sort of business owners might it not work so well for? Is a certain technique one that I would be proud to share on my website or not? Are my readers going to appreciate me for sharing this or will they like me a bit less afterward? All of these questions must now be answered before I can give something the Get My Secret seal of approval.



Last, but probably the biggest reason I am doing this is that I really do care. I want you to succeed. I want everyone to succeed. I’m not so idealistic to believe I will ever see that reality but I can offer what I have to further it along. Your success brings the world one step closer. Your success will likely inspire someone else to rise up and grab their own success. And that success will inspire others, and on, and on, and on. Keeping my secrets to myself serves only to hold others back, and that is not a part of who I am – It is not a part of my dream. I believe that by helping each other we can all thrive and our world can thrive.


So, am I crazy? I’m ok with being crazy. Many of the greatest innovators and thinkers of this world were considered crazy in their time. I am nowhere close to that crazy yet, but I could learn to live with it if I got there. Whichever way you answer is ok with me but the fact that you have made it this far into my rant means that you are at least a little bit crazy yourself. Whether you agree with me or not is ok. My greatest wish is that this has sparked in you the desire to succeed, whether online or off. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if I have ignited a spark, fanned a flame or if you think I’m totally off my rocker. Thank you!