Blog: Getting Started

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Every project has a starting point. Most of them start with an idea or a dream. started this way, with an idea and a dream. But dreams and ideas can only take you so far. To see your dreams and ideas manifest you must take action. You must do. This might mean building or sculpting or whatever it takes to bring your idea from something in your own mind to something real you can point to and say – This is my dream. This blog post is the start of that, it is the beginning of my journey to make my dream a reality. Since this is the point where I start building my dream and because the purpose of this website is to share my secrets, I thought it appropriate to start this journey by sharing my dream with you.


I have many dreams. I dream of being handsome – I’m not. I dream of being a football star – I never will be. I dream of owning my own island – pretty unlikely. And there are many more dreams that float through my mind. These are what my parents called pipe dreams and my teachers called daydreams. They are fun fantasies for me but I have no way to bring these things into my life and they are not going to simply land in my lap. Fun flights of fancy like these are a nice and sometimes useful indulgence but this is not the kind of dream I want to talk about today.

The sort of dreams I am looking at here is what I call life dreams. Some people might even call them goals. When I was younger I dreamt of becoming an over-the-road truck driver and I did it. I dreamt of having my own business and I did that, too. These are the dreams I’m talking about. These are the dreams that are possible. I can make a plan and build my way to attaining them. It takes work – sometimes a LOT of work. But, in the end, it is possible to get there. My dream is achievable. I have a plan and so long as I put in the work required I know that I can achieve my dream.

My Dream

My dream is to build a successful online business. A business that will support my family and provide us with the means to live comfortably and free from financial worries. A busin

Ideasess that will allow me to spend large amounts of time with my children and my wife. A business that will allow us to travel, so that my children will learn about history and cultures first hand. A business that I can share with my children so they will be able to thrive and live free. A business that I can be proud of and one that I enjoy building and growing. A business that will enable me to help others who are struggling, both personally and professionally. A business that will provide the resources so I can support local and worldwide causes that I believe in. This is my dream. This is the dream that sparked the idea that is now becoming

My Idea

This is not my first website, not even my first blog. I have been working to build my dream for several years now and I can see it there ahead of me. Along the way, I have made many mistakes. I have wasted time and resources on things that didn’t help me or my business. I have also discovered many things that have helped me immensely. Without some of these things I simply could not have made it this far. These are my secrets. The secrets to my success both now and into the future. This is my idea. I want to share my secrets with you. I want you to have all of the tools you need to build your own dream, your own idea. I want to pass my secrets on to you in much the same way that I will be passing them on to my children. I want you to succeed. I want you to build your dream and then share that dream with the world. That is my idea. That is the idea that led to me creating this website. That is the idea that will guide me throughout this project. It is the standard that I hold myself to, and that I hope you will hold me to. That is what is all about.