My Review Process And The Criteria I Use To Review Products

My Review Process

I take my position as an influencer and product reviewer very seriously. is my brand and I have worked hard to build that brand. Every successful brand requires trust and your trust is important to me. If you don’t trust me then I can’t help you. If I can’t help you then we are […]

Blog: Why?

Why Not?

Why are you doing this? Why would you want to create more competition for yourself? Why would you give away the secret recipe? Oh my gosh, are you crazy? I have been asked all of these questions and more as I have been making my plan for this website. Almost everyone I have shared my […]

Blog: Getting Started

Every project has a starting point. Most of them start with an idea or a dream. started this way, with an idea and a dream. But dreams and ideas can only take you so far. To see your dreams and ideas manifest you must take action. You must do. This might mean building or […]